Head Instructor Kyoshi Paul Ceberano (6th Dan)
Kyoshi Paul Ceberano is the eldest son of Australian Karate legend Tino Ceberano. He has over 35 years of teaching and training experience. Teaching Karate is his passion and life.


Sensei Louis Ceberano (4th Dan)
Sensei Louis is Kyoshi Paul’s eldest son and has been born into the Ceberano family. He has been teaching and training since he was 5 years old. He is an accomplished national Karate champion and is highly respected by all of his students.


Sensei Phil Ceberano (4th Dan)
Sensei Phil Ceberano has been part of CMAA since its inception and like Kyosho Paul has been training under his father for 35 years. He has also been assisting Kyoshi Paul for many years and has the title of one of the Senior Technical advisors within the organisation. Amongst his vast skill base, Phil is a highly successful musician in his own right.


Sensei Dan Ridler
Sensei Dan is our most recent addition to the CMAA team. He runs a full time Dojo in Launceston Tasmania. Sensei has dedicated himself to the ideals of Karate and is keen to pass these on to students of all levels. All CMAA students are more than welcome to train with Sensei Dan if they ever visit Tasmania. Sensei Dan can be contacted at Tas Karate.